Chocolate industry

myclimate’s solution for chocolate manufacturers

myclimate provides a comprehensive offering for the chocolate industry. It allows companies to use a balance sheet in order to determine their CO₂ emissions and to present their ecological footprint in a sustainability report. In addition, they can offset their emissions and receive the label “climate-neutral chocolate” or “climate-neutral chocolate manufacturer”.

This tailored solution was created specifically for the chocolate industry by myclimate and collects the data required for an emissions calculation. In general, a calculation of CO₂ emissions includes the following areas:

  • ingredients (cocoa & other raw materials)
  • production means
  • packaging
  • supply
  • distribution,
  • product disposal by the end consumer
  • waste and recycling.

Position yourself as a responsible company and offer your customers climate-neutral chocolate. We would also be happy to design individual solutions together with you, tailored to your requirements and those of your customers.

Stay informed!