Climate-neutral building materials

Based on existing EPDs (Environmental Product Declarations) and our web-based platform myclimate-Calculate, manufacturers of building materials can flexibly offset CO2-Emissions on an order-specific basis and offer their customers climate-neutral building materials and products.


The building materials and building sector contributes to a large proportion of greenhouse gases in Germany and must drastically reduce its CO2 emissions by 2045. Politicians are demanding it. And customer demand is rising. This presents construction and materials manufacturers with major challenges. Because up to now, the technological or economic solutions for completely CO2-free production often do not yet exist.

For all those who nevertheless want to achieve their climate goal, myclimate now offers an integrated offset solution with which you can flexibly offset CO2 on the basis of existing EPDs (environmental product declarations) and our web-based platform myclimate Calculate.


Areas of application

  • Flexible and on-demand CO2 compensation for individual products, product groups or orders
  • Add the option for climate-neutral products to your product range
  • Calculation is based on verified EPDs (Environmental Product Declarations)
  • Integrated order booking and billing via the web-based solution myclimate-Calculate


Your benefit

The construction and materials industry is material- and energy-intensive, with many manufacturers generating a large proportion of the resulting CO2 emissions from upstream and downstream process chains (Scope 3). Fully offsetting these CO2 emissions has not been an option for many manufacturers to date.

With its industry solution, myclimate now offers every manufacturer and supplier of building materials the possibility of flexibly offsetting even smaller emission quantities as needed.

  • Pay as you go: As a building materials manufacturer, you flexibly compensate for individual customer projects, single orders or entire product groups – as required
  • Position yourself as a pioneer in tenders by offering your products in a climate-neutral way.
  • Get a selection of different high-quality offset projects certified with the GoldStandard
  • Direct access and maximum transparency thanks to the myclimate climate-neutral label and tracking code (QR code) as well as individual offset certificates
  • Get started immediately with existing EPDs (DIN 15804)


Get more information on climate-neutral building materials in our Factsheet.



We answer your questions

What does it cost?

An annual service fee is charged for the implementation and maintenance of our IT solution. The service fees may vary depending on the quantity of product groups to be considered. A detailed cost breakdown is available upon request from. Therefore please contact Irina Brehm, myclimate-Projectmanager Consulting & Solutions.

If you already have an EPD (Environmental Product Declaration) for your building product, there is no need to recalculate the product carbon footprint. For offsetting, you receive a selection of high-quality offset projects from myclimate with a fixed price per ton of CO2. You determine the exact offset volume. You can deduct the offsetting from your taxes as a donation.


What happens if I, as a company, am already compensating?

CO2 offsets that have already been made and are relevant to the product will be offset by us at the end of a fiscal year and credited to you. If you are already offsetting via another supplier, you can provide us with corresponding evidence of CO2 decommissioning.


Can I advertise my products as climate neutral even though I do not offset?

After concluding the service contract, you can offer your customers the option for a climate-neutral product and advertise it accordingly. Our label and proof of origin for the climate-neutral product only applies to products for which it can be proven that you have paid compensation contributions.

I do not have an EPD/Environmental Product Declaration for my products, what can I do?

myclimate specializes in the calculation and preparation of life cycle assessments. If required, our specialists can also prepare an environmental product declaration (EPD) in accordance with DIN 15804 for your company.

Your contact person

Irina Brehm

Project Manager Consulting and Solutions

+49 30 549092012

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