smart 3 – software for carbon footprinting

myclimate smart 3 is a web-based platform for standardised carbon footprinting as well as for the management of comprehensive sustainability data. The tailor-made software is therefore the smart solution for CO₂ and resource management, both for SMEs and for big international companies.

Areas of Application

  • CO₂ and resource management through to the supply chain
  • Sustainability and CSR management
  • Carbon Footprint
  • Assessment of UN Sustainable Development Goals
  • Tailored reporting of environmental data


The Advantages

  • Simple – user-friendly, multilingual system with interactive dashboard
  • Efficient – rapid set-up, time saving in data collection, analysis and reporting
  • Flexible – individually configurable system that can be adapted to new requirements at any time
  • Dynamic – data consolidation and dynamic evaluations on the analysis level of choice, i.e. divisions, countries, locations, etc.
  • Modular – reporting according to international CO₂ standards possible: GHG, ISO, CDP and GRI, can also be expanded to include further environmental indicators
  • Secure – guaranteed data protection, central data storage with backup
  • Good-value – attractive initial and maintenance costs

Comprehensive software for creating sustainability reports
Our Corporate Carbon Footprint Software allows users to collect and evaluate all carbon-relevant activities and consumption on an annual basis. It takes into account the areas of energy, transport, business operations, employee mobility, office materials, food and waste. Based on this data, greenhouse gas emissions can be evaluated in terms of specific indicators. Other indicators can also be easily integrated – e.g. for purchased goods, CRS data or evaluation in terms of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). 


The advantages of collecting operational environmental indicators are often underestimated
Environmental monitoring, risk prevention, cost optimisation, definition of key performance indicators (KPIs), strategic orientation, definition of goals and benchmarking all make your company more competitive on the market. More and more weight is given to non-financial concerns, which should be recorded and reviewed on an on-going basis.

Perfectly organised carbon footprinting

myclimate smart 3 is an intelligent tool to easily and cost-effectively collect data. It features comparisons to the previous year, mass inputting and data uploading via Excel. The tool’s flexible configurability allows users to represent their company’s specific structure. There are many possibilities for data consolidation and the evaluation of individual data. 
The system is intended for use by both SMEs and major international companies in all sectors. Its intuitive operation requires no previous knowledge in order to represent complex data collection and calculations in the area of sustainability management: for instance, information on specific emissions, reporting according to definable KPIs and inclusion of emissions from the supplier structure. 
The possibility of setting up various hierarchies in the user management makes the software usable for managers and others who deal with the areas of CO₂ and resource management, sustainability and CSR management, corporate responsibility (CR) /  sustainability, product safety, purchasing, compliance / corporate governance, and supply chain management.

Functions that are possible with smart 3

  • Transferring one-time analyses of current conditions into a multi-year systematic measurement & evaluation of energy & resource consumption 
  • Measuring indicators (environmental key performance indicators, KPIs) for monitoring the effects of measures taken
  • Simulating the environmental effect of new technologies and investment decisions
  • Benchmarking of environmental performance over time and across sectors
  • In-depth analysis with the possibility of balancing figures for individual electricity tariffs/electricity providers
  • Web-based, multi-lingual data collection with individually adjustable user structure
  • Unlimited number of users per solution at no additional cost
  • Cockpit for administering data entry and data consolidation across multiple levels
  • Dynamic data consolidation and evaluation with the option to select analysis levels, e.g. divisions, countries, locations etc.
  • Customised reporting of environmental data that can be adapted for reports that follow reporting standards set forth by GRI Sustainability Framework (G4), Deutscher Nachhaltigkeitskodex (DNK), CDP (Carbon Disclosure Project), IIRC International <IR> Framework, CDSB Climate Change Reporting Framework and others
  • Monitoring of UN Sustainable Development Goals

EU-CSR guideline with mandatory disclosure regarding sustainability issues for businesses

What does the new EU guideline mean for businesses and how can smart 3 help you?
As of the 2017 reporting year, the guideline will require capital market-oriented companies as well as financial service providers such as insurance companies and banks with more than 500 employees to create a non-financial declaration that includes the supply chain. Alongside environmental concerns, the report must also include information about social and employee issues, the observance of human rights and the fight against corruption.

We offer our services as a contact partner for collecting this required information on environmental and social issues and including it in annual reports. We will find a solution together. smart 3 provides a starting point and a strong foundation for the ongoing collection and monitoring of customised sustainability data for sustainable data management.

Regardless of your reporting goals, myclimate offers a solution that can be tailored to meet your individual needs!

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