Food and Beverages

The food sector is responsible for 34 percent of global CO₂ emissions as well as a significant share of land-use and forestry. Moreover, about one-third of global food production ends up as food waste. myclimate supports you in identifying leverage potential for emission reductions in your company’s supply chain.

With the food & beverage industry representing one-third of global carbon emissions while one-third of that food is being wasted, there is plenty of potential for climate action and constantly growing consumer or societal demand.

Especially the food sector is a nucleus for sustainable innovation and developing a vast amount of potential solutions from alternative ways of farming such as vertical & precision farming, plant-based meat alternatives and food packaging to many new sustainable food solutions and choices.

Our scientists support you in analyzing the CO2 profile of your current product portfolio as well as assessing possible innovations relative to their emission reduction potential.

Our climate experts and project developers will assist you in selecting our high-quality climate protection projects, which you support through financial contributions based on your calculated emissions.

Calculate emissions

Take stock of your company’s CO2 emissions. Calculating your carbon footprint is the first step towards successful climate protection, as it helps you identify the most effective ways to reduce your company’s emissions.

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Reduce emissions

Optimise your value chain and improve your company’s carbon footprint. Reduce your CO2 emissions and contribute towards achieving the climate goals of the Paris Agreement. Improve efficiency and benefit from potential cost savings as well as competitive advantages as a responsible and climate-friendly company.

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Train and activate employees

Employees are part of successful corporate climate protection measures. After all, it’s people who make decisions, are creative and drive change. We therefore recommend actively involving your employees. Last but not least, you will also be able to strengthen your status as a progressive, attractive company.

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Finance climate protection projects

Fund climate protection projects from myclimate based on your calculated Carbon-balance. And gain voluntary experience now with emerging instruments of the future such as "internal carbon pricing".

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Communicate and engage in climate protection

Showcase your climate protection efforts and position yourself credibly and transparently as a responsible and progressive company. Benefit from increased brand awareness and recognition and motivate other companies and individuals to take action on climate change. By committing to educational projects, you are also laying the foundation for a climate conscious future.

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