Renewable Energy from Sawdust

Project type: Biomass

Project location: Talanga, Honduras

Project status: Planned, no credits available

Annual CO₂ reduction: 8,477 t

This climate protection project in Honduras installs a biomass plant which will run on biomass residues of about 20 saw mills. CO₂ emissions are being reduced by displacing the use of fossil based electricity by clean and sustainable electricity produced by this renewable energy source.

In Talanga, Honduras, in the Regional Association of Sawmills Francisco Morazán (ARIDEMA- Asociación Regional de Industriales de la Madera de Francisco Morazán) a ‘first of its kind’ two Megawatt gasification reactor will be installed. It will run on biomass residues of about 20 small saw mills that are associated in the ARIDEMA. The generated clean and sustainable electricity shall be exported to the Honduran national grid. CO₂ emissions are being reduced compared to the situation without project by displacing electricity from other sources like the national on fossil fuel based grid or generators running with fuel oil. 

The project will also lead to an improvement of the sustainability of the saw mill business and of the socio-economic situation of the owners of the saw mills, employees and families. Thus by providing cheaper electricity to the saw mill owners compared to the electricity they purchase from the grid; by allowing the participation of the saw mill owners in the project; by providing another source of income to the saw mill producers by purchasing the sawdust that is currently left to decay or which is burnt; and last but not least by improving the health conditions of the saw mill workers and inhabitants of Talanga by reducing the numbers of fires and therefore the amount of pollution. 

The gasification project shall be a model for numerous other communities and biomass associations that have a renewable energy resource and productive business at hand. The transfer of innovative technology will lead to the forming of new human capital – like skills and knowledge – in Honduras and also create new jobs.

Situation without project

Consumption of CO₂-emitting electricity from the national grid and decomposition of biomass

Project standard

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