Climate Conference Simulation

Target group: elementary school and high schools

Offer: Simulation game including input workshop

The climate conference simulation by myclimate Germany is a simulation game in which the pupils slip into the roles of political delegates and gain an impression of the international climate protection efforts required to meet the 2°C target by working independently and interactively.

Sucessfully participated

Gymnasium Grünwald from Munich-Grünwald with 100 participants

Dossenberger-Gymnasium from Günzburg with 95 participants

Ludwig-Thoma-Gymnasium from Prien on lake Chiemsee with 110 participants

Donau-Realschule from Lauingen with 95 participants

Gymnasium Wertingen from Wertingen with 116 participants

Gesamtschule Hüllhorst from Hüllhorst with 100 participants

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