myclimate Audio Adventures

Target group: Population of Switzerland and tourists

Offer: Audio experience on the region, local history and climate protection

myclimate Audio Adventures are acoustic discovery trips for three age levels in numerous Swiss cities and regions. On ever-changing regional and climate protection walks, climate-relevant topics such as consumption, energy, politics and economics are shown, which in turn enables climate protection and sustainability to be experienced.

As an attractive leisure time offer for young and old, these somewhat different discovery trips show the measures that are taken for local climate protection and where innovations for more sustainability can be discovered. Local as well as prospective guests in the respective region can gain a taste of them, since the tours are tailored to the age group and skilfully combined with historical anecdotes and amusing stories with local colour.

When we create audio stories, it is important for us to include local partners and show how one can proceed with a positive example. The stories are thoroughly researched, implemented professionally and set to music. At every location, local actors and personalities are included in order to give the offer the necessary local colour. This makes Climate Education tangible, local and an ideal leisure offer.

The offer includes three different audio stories which include stories for children above the age of 5, a version for young persons and one for adults. This diversity makes myclimate Audio Adventures an ideal excursion loaded with learning material for the whole family as well as schools.

How does an Audio Adventure work?

Come on a guided audio tour to discover the region, local history and climate protection. myclimate Audio Adventures are available at various Swiss locations where you can learn about climate facts, solve riddles and hunt for additional information. It shows how the idealised "Net-zero Society" overcomes climate-friendly daily life without harming our zest for life.

In order to use the audio discoveries, you need to load the card and audio files onto your smartphone or borrow an audio guide from the local tourist office. Once you are ready, you can take off on the walk or hike, listen at the defined stations and hear various episodes from the stories. Both adults and children will learn a lot of valuable things about climate protection and local measures in an exciting and entertaining way, but they will also be told about the history and landscape, all livened up with funny anecdotes.

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