What is Carbon Insetting?

Insetting refers to a company offsetting its emissions through a carbon offset project within its own value chain. In contrast to a typical carbon offset project, emissions are avoided, reduced or sequestered upstream or downstream within the company's own value chain.

Insetting projects can be identified upstream or downstream within the company's value chain (Scope 3 in accordance with GHG Protocol standard). As part of this process, the company decides which projects should be implemented based on potential for reducing emissions, the company's specific focus and feasibility. myclimate defines the criteria for insetting projects in the same way as it does for offsetting projects. Certified emission reductions, which are used for insetting, must therefore meet the same conditions.

Insetting is one of many climate protection measures which companies can choose to implement within the scope of climate management. A company can implement insetting in parallel with reduction measures within the company and offsetting, thereby supporting sustainable value chain management. 

Carbon Insetting with myclimate

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