250,000 climate-neutral floral delights with Fleurop AG

Fleurop AG is celebrating: Since the start of the cooperation with myclimate, Fleurop customers have already sent flowers climate-neutral 250,000 times.

Photo: Fleurop

The business model of Fleurop AG is already emissions-conscious: Fleurop AG customers can indeed send floral greetings all over the world, however, the flowers themselves are usually arranged by local Fleurop florists and therefore cover the shortest possible distance. Nevertheless, CO₂ emissions are produced in the production and transport of flowers. In cooperation with myclimate, ways to offset these have been found.

When ordering a bouquet, Fleurop AG customers decide whether they want to make a climate protection contribution of €1.20. These are currently supporting the construction of Upesi stoves in Kenya. The energy efficient stoves ensure a clean combustion process, reduce CO₂ emissions and, through the reduction in wood consumption, contribute to the conserving the unique vegetation and biodiversity of the Kakamega Rainforest. In the context of the Upesi stove project alone, the amount of CO₂ that has been offset is the same as a car would emit circumnavigating the earth 950 times – a great success!

Fleurop AG deliberately discusses its own corporate culture on a regular basis, and has therefore integrated the topic of environmental protection into day-to-day business at an early stage through a variety of measures. In addition to cooperating with myclimate, Fleurop AG offers its partner florists access to various wholesalers who place emphasis on sustainable, efficient cultivation and fairly traded products. When selecting cooperating flower farms, Fleurop AG pays attention to the prevailing working conditions and a transparent supply chain. Even publications from Fleurop AG are printed on 100% recycled paper.

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