Environmental footprint – just the right topic for foundations

One’s own investment strategy and structure of the investment portfolio can bring about the dilemma for foundations of acting against their own objectives. This can occur, for instance, through investments in fossil fuels or environmentally unfriendly activities. myclimate can provide important information and support when evaluating the portfolio. As part of a collaborative project, an information brochure on the subject of „Environmental Footprint of Foundations“ was drawn up.

Foundations promote the common good in various ways. With a view to the global climate goals resulting from the Parisian agreement on climate protection, and with a view to the raison d’être of foundations, the goal must therefore be to reduce the environmental or carbon footprint of the foundation’s assets. This will not only avoid parts of the assets having an impact that in the end contradicts the aims of the foundation. A foundation increases the overall impact of its actions using a sustainable investment strategy, reduces the financial risks in its portfolio and also contributes towards it continuing to maintain its "licence to operate".

A recently launched brochure offers an introduction to the complex topic, produced by the organisation “Foundation and Sustainability” [Stiftung und Nachhaltigkeit] along with RobecoSAM and myclimate. The brochure was officially introduced at an event for invited foundation board members in the myclimate Cloud Lounge at the end of September. The document can be read free of charge online as well as in print, offering background information and specific initial practical advice as well.

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myclimate is currently offering foundations and organisations an informed estimation of their carbon footprint. Furthermore, with the help of tools like the sustainability platform myclimate smart 3, myclimate is able to demonstrate the so called “handprint”, or the positive impact of invested capital including how much the respective investment decisions are contributing towards reaching Sustainable Development Goals. Additionally, the myclimate team has been supporting various partners for years in their participation in a number of sustainability initiatives, e.g. the CDP.

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