myclimate Neutral Product Label now in ecoinform

ecoinform is the central database for organic products and sustainable goods in the German-speaking region. It currently administers more than 30,000 products from 470 brands. Numerous users benefit from the allergy information, nutritional details and product descriptions. Unambiguous quality statements are particularly important within the industry. For this reason, every product is equipped with precisely defined standards and logos. A NEW feature for anyone who is concerned about protecting our planet is the addition of the myclimate label, which has been granted to Naturata’s many products, among others.

In this way, consumers and retailers can use the ecoinform database to see immediately whether the greenhouse gases created by a product from the cradle to the grave are offset in one of our climate protection projects. It is therefore not only possible to discover whether a product complies with organic requirements, but also whether climate protection is taken into account.
For those who are not yet familiar with myclimate and the label, the link behind the logo offers a chance to obtain direct information.

Stay informed!