Fastenopfer – climate protection project development

myclimate assessed the feasibility and eligibility of an efficient cook stove project in Kenya for carbon certification and assisted Fastenopfer in developing the project as a climate protection project from the initial project idea to the issuance of carbon credits. myclimate has been supporting and advising Fastenopfer in the certification process for more than seven years.

Carbon feasibility and eligibility

In a first step myclimate assessed the feasibility and eligibility of the proposed project idea. This first assessment supplied information on the carbon potential, most suitable certification schemes, applicable methodologies for carbon accounting, as well as on potential project risks. The assessment concluded with a set of recommendations for the design of a concrete climate protection project.


Climate protection project development

Based on the recommendations from the feasibility report Fastenopfer defined a concrete project activity to be certified under the Gold Standard. The project’s goal is to construct 30,000 efficient cook stoves to replace inefficient 3-stone fires in rural communities in central and south Kenya. Carbon finance plays an important role for achieving this goal, because it allows for up scaling the project activity over 7 years. For this myclimate has guided Fastenopfer step-by-step through the entire certification process until first issuance of carbon credits. This process included among others the following steps: local stakeholder consultation; writing the project documentation; arranging for necessary legal documents; inclusion of carbon finance in the project’s financial plan; guidance on baseline surveys and tests; interaction with certification body and auditors; validation, registration and verification of the project activity according to the Gold Standard; guidance on monitoring; and issuance of carbon credits. myclimate continues to support Fastenopfer for ongoing monitoring and issuing of CO2 certificates and has been successfully advising on the certification process for more than seven years now.


Capacity building

myclimate has local expert in Kenya with an extensive knowhow in the successful implementation of cook stove activities. This experience is being shared with the project staff in Kenya through specific capacity building workshops on topics such as project management and monitoring.


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