Here, we have collected some climate protection tips and recipes from Sven Trump. Just flip through it.
Donald Trump has proclaimed that his favorite food is burgers. As a trained chef, Sven Trump has created a climate-friendly energy bomb. The Trump Zero Burger! For you, Donald. Click on the image an get the recipe.
Donald Trump owns 16 golf courses and likes to fly Air Force One to visit them. The One stands for the number of passengers on board … Sven Trump likes to play miniature golf now and again. He gets there by bike.
Donald Trump loves chocolate cake. So do we. But our cake doesn’t destroy the rain forests because all its ingredients are climate-friendly. And it tastes better, too. Click on the image and get the recipe.
It´s that simple: you put the lid on your cooking pot or pan and you save 25 percent of energy. That saves your money too and your time. Donald, you as modern man for sure cooks too. Surprise Melania!
This turkey really hasn’t been born in the US – or anywhere else – because it’s 100 percent vegan. That means it is not only super delicious – it is also healthy for our climate. Happy Thanksgiving!
On his climate protection mission, Sven Trump is dependent on many supporters. This is the only way he has the chance to motivate many people for the topic of climate protection. Join in and become a supporter!
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Trump?! Yup, you heard right. Sven Trump.
Sven Trump is a distant relative of Donald Trump. Like the infamous US President’s grandfather, he, too, comes from the quiet village of Kallstadt in Germany’s Palatinate region. But that’s pretty much all they have in common. While Donald Trump denies climate change and is even helping to accelerate it, Sven Trump is doing everything he can to fight it.

And what are Sven’s weapons? Avoiding emissions wherever possible, reducing emissions, and compensating unavoidable emissions via climate protection projects. But that’s not enough: now he wants to convince his relative Donald Trump to do the same. He is addressing him personally about his lifestyle and wants to present him with facts and practical climate protection tips – from one Trump to another. Who knows, maybe this Trump is someone Donald will listen to?!

Taking to the streets to protest climate change and critically examining our consumption are good things. They put pressure on policymakers and the industry. When it comes right down to it, however, it won’t be the politicians who decide on climate change, but rather all of us.

Each and every one of us can protect the climate – even a Trump. There are numerous possibilities for reducing your individual carbon footprint and many of them don’t require much effort at all. Often, a conscious approach to everyday behavior and simply reconsidering habits can have a big impact.

Stay informed!