Kuoni – umfassendes und langjähriges Klimaschutzengagement

Seit 2007 engagiert sich Kuoni Schweiz in enger Zusammenarbeit myclimate für den Klimaschutz. Kuoni übernimmt selbst Verantwortung, indem alle CO₂-Emissionen aus Geschäftsreisen kompensiert werden. Die Mitarbeiter werden für den Klimaschutz sensibilisiert, und den Gästen wird aktiv die Möglichkeit angeboten, ihre CO₂-Emissionen freiwillig zu kompensieren.

Kuoni expressed the desire to support projects that are related to tourism when compensation emissions. Together with myclimate, the company has so far developed two projects in Bali: 

  • Composting in BaliThis climate protection project composts organic waste that previously had to be sent to landfill, eliminating methane emissions from the landfill and producing high-quality compost. As the aerobic composting produces no methane emissions, a significant reduction in greenhouse gas emissions is achieved.
  • Biodiesel from used oil in Bali: Thanks to this climate protection project on the holiday island of Bali, equipment was installed to convert the used oil from the tourism sector into biodiesel. The introduction of a local collection system for used oil will support the development of an organised disposal service, create jobs for the local population, and reduce CO₂ emissions by replacing fossil fuels with biodiesel from the project. The project was initiated by Caritas Switzerland and represents a cooperative effort between Caritas, Kuoni Travel Ltd and myclimate.

The climate protection foundation myclimate presented the myclimate award for outstanding commitment to climate protection for the first time in Germany at ITB 2012. Kuoni was among the winners – Kuoni Travel Holding, based in Zurich, received the award as «Pioneer – exclusive climate protection project for CO₂compensation payments».


Kuoni climate protection projects

Composting in Bali
Biodiesel from used oil in Bali

We fully support the principle of compensation and hold ourselves and our customers accountable. myclimate gives us the chance to realise real climate protection in key travel regions. For example, we worked with myclimate to develop the “Composting in Bali” project. With this project, we can show our demanding customers first-hand the positive impact that climate protection projects have.

Matthias Leisinger, Head of Corporate Responsibility Kuoni

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