Studiosus – klimaneutrale Ferien

Die Münchner Familienunternehmung Studiosus ist der erste Reiseveranstalter, der alle Fahrten zu Lande und zu Wasser dank myclimate klimaneutral anbietet. Der dadurch gesammelte Kompensationsbeitrag fliesst in das myclimate Klimaschutzprojekt in Südindien im Bundesstaat Karnataka. Durch das Engagement von Studiosus werden über 600 Bauernfamilien beim Bau von Biogasanlagen unterstützt.

The collective compensation payments are used in the myclimate Gold Standard climate protection project in the state of Karnataka in southern India. The construction of biogas plants there helps more than 600 farming families, thanks to the commitment of Studiosus. For its pioneering role in integrating all compensation costs into the business model, the European market leader in educational travel was presented with the myclimate award at the ITB. Studiosus Reisen München received the award as a «pioneer in the integration of carbon compensation into the business model». However, that is by no means the only award received by the company. The Federal Government has awarded a CSR prize to exemplary and innovative companies who design their business operations to be socially, environmentally, and economically compatible in the long term. Among those companies was Munich tour operator Studiosus, which received the award in the «medium-sized enterprises» category. The jury's justification given for its decision was that Studiosus «carries out pioneering work in a difficult field and sets fixed goals for the implementation of corporate responsibility in its strategy». 


Type of Cooperation

Climate neutral holidays: All CO2-emissions of all land and water travel are compensated.


More about the Cooperation

CSR-Preis der Bundesregierung geht an Studiosus
myclimate verleiht award für herausragendes Engagement im Klimaschutz


Studiosus climate protection projects

Biogas Plants for 3,000 Households in Rural Settings

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