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Game Changing Climate Activities

  • Mobisol Boy studying at nightThe solar sourced electricity allows children to do their school work even in the evening hours.
  • Mobisol_Technicans_installing_PV_Panel.jpgLocal trained technicans install the solar panels on the rooftops of houses and huts.
  • Mobisol Marketing PresentationLocal advertising for the solar home systems reaches also people in rural areas.
  • Mastula_Nankanja_13.jpgMastula, mother of four children, runs a local food place: «For every meal I serve, I also serve a cup of safe water from the Solvatten for free. This has increased my business and within a few months I have gone from 50 meals to 70-100 meals per day.»
  • Mastula_Nankanja_12.jpgAn example of a water treatment device is a solar UV purification unit, called Solvatten. One Solvatten unit placed in the sun for 2-6 hours can produce 11-44 litres drinking water per day.

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myclimate Award Ceremony at ITB 2018

Energy and Climate Laboraty winners 2017

myclimate climate protection projects

  • klimaschutzprojekt-indien-7149-1.jpgThe installation of domestic biogas plants substitutes the use of firewood and chemical fertilizers in the Karnataka region. Without a biogas plant, it takes women 2-4 hours to collect firewood every day. klimaschutzprojekt-indien-7149-1.jpg Cow dung and water gets mixed in the inlet. The inscription on the inlet serves transparency reasons. The tracking-unique-identity-code is also helping to keep quality standards up. 'myc' stands for myclimate.
  • klimaschutzprojekt-indonesien-7200-3.jpgThe overall objective of a carbon offset programm in Indonesia is the installation of domestic biogas digesters as a clean, sustainable energy source throughout the country.Farmer Sukrano from the Klaten distrinct is one of the 8,000 proud owners of a domestic biogas digester benefiting from the programme of activity.
  • klimaschutzprojekt-kenia-7137-2.jpgThanks to community savings and loaning (CSL) groups, women in the Kenyan Siaya district can now afford more efficient stoves.
  • klimaschutzprojekt-kenia-7138-3.jpgLocally produced efficient Upesi stoves reduce wood consumption in Kenya and help to preserve the unique vegetation and biodiversity of Kakamega rainforest. The picture shows the baseline, a traditional three-stone-stove.
  • klimaschutzprojekt-madagaskar-7116-1.jpgIn order to reduce CO2 and counter the deforestation on Madagascar, myclimate supports the manufacture and distribution of climate-friendly solar and efficient cookers. All solar cooker and all efficient cook stoves need to work for cooking traditional madagassian food as rice, corn, maniok, meat soup, chicken and cake.

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