Pharma and medtech

In the pharmaceutical and medtech industry, there is growing demand among customers for sustainable products. myclimate offers a comprehensive range of services for your industry so that you can meet these requirements.

myclimate supports the pharmaceutical and medtech industry by providing a wide range of services.

By committing to climate protection with myclimate, you benefit from:

  • A strong positioning as a responsible company
  • Cost savings through resource and process optimisations
  • Experience with new types of climate protection instruments that may become mandatory in the future

Calculate emissions

Take stock of your company’s CO2 emissions. Calculating your carbon footprint is the first step towards successful climate protection, as it helps you identify the most effective ways to reduce your company’s emissions.

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Reduce emissions

Optimise your value chain and improve your company’s carbon footprint. Reduce your CO2 emissions and contribute towards achieving the climate goals of the Paris Agreement. Improve efficiency and benefit from potential cost savings as well as competitive advantages as a responsible and climate-friendly company.

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Train and activate employees

Employees are part of successful corporate climate protection measures. After all, it’s people who make decisions, are creative and drive change. We therefore recommend actively involving your employees. Last but not least, you will also be able to strengthen your status as a progressive, attractive company.

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Offsetting emissions

Offset your CO₂ emissions with myclimate’s carbon offset projects. By offsetting emissions, you not only compensate for unavoidable emissions, but also bring your company one step closer to climate neutrality. You can also voluntarily familiarise yourself with emerging instruments of the future such as internal carbon pricing or a possible carbon offsetting obligation.

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Communicate and engage in climate protection

Showcase your carbon offsetting efforts and your successes. This way, you can position yourself credibly and transparently as a responsible and progressive company. Benefit from increased brand awareness and recognition and motivate other companies and individuals to take action on climate change.

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